Thursday, 1 April 2010

Start small

Ok, so day one of the quest to get more from life begins with the renaming and rebranding of my fashion label from Cherry Pie Punk to Miss Cherry's Boutique. You can see it here

There is one month until I move house where I will have a proper work room. I'm so excited I could pee but there is such a lot to do so I'm going to ease my self in to my exciting and glamourous new life by watching Cougar Town. Sure, Courtney Cox (with a little plastic surgery action me thinks), looks bloody awesome, but I like the idea of someone that hot having a mid life crisis!! So day one = start business rebranding and live vicariously through a tv show. Kinda looks lame written down. Maybe I'll have a Jack n coke when I watch Grey's later and really start living!

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