Monday, 8 November 2010

Use your discretion surely!

Yes thats right folks, its been just two days since my last blog post and I'm back already. This time for a right good rant. I just popped to the local shops to pick up a few things (thread, ribbon and some light bulbs incase anyone cares). I nipped into the Tesco's local to get the bulbs but I don't really like going in there because the security guard has delusions of grandeur. I suspect he's watched too many episodes of T J Hooker or Poirot and he takes one look at my dreads and tattoos and then proceeds to follow me round the store. He's a short asian guy with a shaved head and an obvious Napolean complex. Frankly if we're going to judge on appearances he looks far shadier than me.

Anyway, as I stood deliberating over wattage a little old lady walked past me with her raincoat on and doesn't he come up to her and ask her to take her hood down. I mean REALLY??? Ok I get it if a group of teenage lads come in, hands shoved in pockets smelling of shandy, but a little old lady?? She was deeply offended and wandered off muttering about how she'd never stolen anything in her life and I don't blame her. I kinda hope she decided to rebel and pocketed a chocolate santa on her way out of the store.

Now I'm sure that Tesco would defend their employees actions with some waffle about security but I think they need to employ people with enough braincells to use some kind of discretion. I also find myself wandering if he would have asked someone wearing a bhurka to remove that. I highly doubt it and then I hover over the delete key for even typing it because that isn't me being racist. I don't agree with the bhurka at all but we'll save that for a day when I'm blogging about atheism and feminism. But it's my frikkin blog and the question is there so I'm voicing it. And if he wouldn't, if he could use his discretion in that instance then why not use it here, or, alternatively is this mini Hitler also going around chasing Muslim women out of Tesco's?

That being said I now recall the story of another branch of Tesco's in my fair city where a woman was asked for ID whilst buying a quiche. Nuff said!

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