Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Blogging is the answer to all my problems. Obviously.

Ok, I just re-read my last blog post which was basically just stating my desire to blog more which is a tad disheartening because I came to write a blog post today about having no idea what I should blog about. I'm sensing a lack of direction in myself thats for sure.

I honestly don't read that many people's blogs. I read these ones http://blog.shrinkle.com , http://www.twinkiechan.com/blog/ because they are awesome and colourful craft types and I read this one because this lady is amazing and cracks me up every time http://thebloggess.com/ . The problem is that reading these blogs make me feel like my life is dull and boring and who the hell is gonna want to read anything that I have to say. Then I remember that this blog is only supposed to be for me anyway. THEN I start to think that if I get in to writing a blog maybe I will do more interesting things because I want to write about more interesting things and that leads me to the heady conclusion that blogging is going to make my life better and more fulfilling. Awesome.

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